Gdl2Basic Course

Class 5 Graduated Driver's License. Learn to be a safe driver with solid driving skills.

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Advanced2Advanced Courses

Get superior one-on-one training on the road with qualified and experienced instructor.

BrushupBrush-up Lessons

Brush-up on my driving skills and if you are new to Alberta, learn to feel at home on the Roads.

Learn from the pro and drive with confidence!


We help immigrants get on the road! Our friendly caring team of instructors will make you feel at home on Alberta roads. We offer our services in many languages and our classes are very flexible.



  • CharlesSibre
  • On 27/11/2017

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  • Tyson - Calgary
  • On 14/02/2016

Thanks! I appreciate the time you took teaching me and the valuable tips you gave me. Could not have ...

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Good day. My name is Jean Claude Ndumbi, owner and senior instructor at the Lukwenya Driving School. We are a small family owned and operated business; and with over ten years of experience in the driving industry, we have been helping Calgarians get to where they want to go, safely.

We are professional, patient and always respectful. We take great pride in our service and strive to provide our customers with complete satisfaction. Come and experience the Lukwenya diference for yourself!

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